About me

I'm a graphic designer.

(As well)

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graphic designer

[ɡræf.ɪk dɪˈzaɪ.nər] noun

someone who works in graphic design (= the designing of pictures and text for books, magazines, advertising, etc.)

Nah, just kidding

Wow, you really want to know more about me!

Well, I’m Gionatan, but everyone just calls me Gionny. I’m 20 years old, I was born in Foggia and now I live in Bologna.

I spent my entire adolescence in San LazzaroSan Lazzaro, an amazing city near Bologna, for then moving into Bologna.

Since I was little I was always really good at realistic drawing, and because of that at the end of the secondary school, I decided to go to an artistic high school, the Liceo Artistico F. ArcangeliLiceo Artistico F. Arcangeli in Bologna.

After the first two years, I realized that I didn't like realistic drawing anymore, so in the third year I chose the graphic section, and that opened me a whole new world and from then on I started making all my graphics digitally.

Through the years I developed a strong passion to everything related to creativity and design. And basically in my free time when I'm on my computer I do graphic stuff using Photoshop and Illustrator, or I just do some videos animations and editing with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Now I go to the university of communication design in Bologna, IAADIAAD.
And I hope to continue my journey as a full time content creator.